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Any Way You Want Me (Author: Lucy Diamond)

Anyway You Want Me (Book Cover)

Genre: Chicklit/Contemporary Fiction/Romantic

Any Way You Want Me By Lucy Diamond

From the outside looking in, you'd think that Sadie would be content with her lot.. living with her partner Alex & her two adorable kids Molly & Nathan. However, now & then Sadie has the propensity to dream of an alternative life with more excitement, one where people see her as more than someone's partner, a housewife, a mother.

Having faked a personal favourite persona to the young cocky lad who plonks himself beside her in a nightclub whilst out with Bec, that she is an award winning television scriptwriter, which he naively believes & even seems impressed, Sadie becomes obsessed with imagining what her life could be in an alternative universe....even feeding an ex-boyfriend the same super embellished pack of lies on Friend's Reunited, never thinking that she would ever actually meet up with him. Then going as far as to apply for the actual job......anyway, those were harmless acts of deception, a white lie, & she would never be invited for an interview, would she??

Then after being introduced to Mark, who is attractive & charming, at a dinner party one evening, the desire for excitement spills over into dangerous territory &, after a chance meeting with Mark one evening whilst out for a walk, they agree to meet up again & Sadie's lust for a different life turns into something altogether more sinister....

I found this book entertaining & humorous throughout & liked Sadie, her sense of humour & her inner thoughts, but felt increasingly frustrated that she felt her life was lacking in something. She seemed to want her cake & eat it. She loved her kids & although Alex was at times painted as thoughtless & selfish, it seemed to me that Sadie was able to go out with her sisters & friends whenever it took her fancy & was even able to find the time to see Mark without arousing Alex's suspicion.

I didn't particularly like the character of Mark, who wanted to spend time with Sadie whenever it suited him, not taking her situation on board, & neither of them seemed to have any consideration for the effect that their actions could have on people around them.

I did enjoy the novel & found it hard to put down. The plot is exciting & I would definitely describe it as a 'page turner', even if the characters weren't always likeable or easily relateable. There are sub plots with background characters such as Sadie's sisters & friends with whom a plethora of readers will find it easier to identify with.

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