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Saving Lily (Author: Michelle Bliss)

Saving Lily (Book Cover)

Saving Lily By Michelle Bliss Mia had to protect Lily, but how could she do that when she had been reduced to a soul & only had one person who could help her, a musician that was more used to day spa's than dealing with drug cartels. Is her soul strong enough to see them through to the conclusion of her's & Seth's plan to bring her former housemates to justice, Lily to safety & Mia to return to her own body....

When I made the decision to read this book, I wasn't aware of the genre but was intrigued by the title. It has, to some extent taken me out of my comfort zone with the 'fantasy' element. However, it is not fantasy in the typical sense with mythical creatures set in strange lands. That type of 'fantasy' I don't do. I just wanted to clear that up before all authors who write Fantasy come at me asking me read & review their novels.

This story is Contemporary & real but has a very clear added element to it, about which none of us on earth can prove or disprove. I haven't read a book with a storyline quite like it before & found it very interesting that the author chose to tackle what might happen once we leave our human form.

The narrative applied throughout the novel, really made the characters come to life & the fullness provided in the descriptions of people, places & the development of the storyline made it very accessible to conjure images of what was taking place. At certain points I questioned how, or why something had happened - being a non fantasy reader, I do find it difficult to process anything that may be considered unrealistic. However, the author immediately answered my question by way of a character dialogue.

It was evident that she had thoroughly thought through her plot & I was impressed that she was able to pre-empt my thinking. I felt the final part prior to the Epilogue, to be a little improbable, but that is likely to just be me I think. I am very pleased that room has been left for a sequel.

All in all, 'Saving Lily' was an enjoyable lively novel that had me gripped, but also at times made me smile. I look forward to the next book. Well done Michelle!

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