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Shifting Horizons (Author: Sheena Billett)

Shifting Horizons (Book Cover)

Genre: Contemporary Fiction/Various

Shifting Horizons By Sheena Billett

This book is a collection of 35 short stories depicting transitions within people's lives & how they choose to or are forced to deal with those transitions & how life can throw us curveballs when we least expect it! It is also about the effect that those curveballs can have on us, the choices we make plus how a sizemic change in our lives can alter how we relate to & treat those around us.

Some stories were thought provoking, others emotional, but all of them with the underlying tone of evolution within life, chance meetings & how we deal with consequences. Also, making the best of situations by expression, taking chances & using what gift, however unfortunate it can seem at the time, to the best of your ability & maybe something good will come from it.

Some of my favourite stories are:

The Fleeting Grandad Pass The Chips A Growing Community Christmas Ice Teddy Bear Chaos

I am at heart a lover of novels rather than short stories. I like something that I can get lost in for days, & a few of the more lengthy stories did this for me. There are enough of the right ingredients in each story to make the reader curious about how the characters & the storyline could be developed, except for maybe the much shorter scenario based tales such as 'Teddy Bear chaos', the ending of which is hilarious. I definitely think that the subsequent creation of some novels relating to these stories should be considered.

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