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Still Me - Book Three of a Trilogy (Author: Jojo Moyes)

Still Me (Book Cover)

Genre: Contemporary Fiction/Romantic

Still Me - Book Three Of A Trilogy By Jojo Moyes

Lou is now living in 'The Big Apple', several thousands of miles away from everything & everyone familiar - thank god for Nathan. She is working for the Gopniks as Mrs Gopnik's Personal Assistant. She is aware that there is something in Agnes's past that she is keeping from her husband and, as their alliance grows her employer starts to confide more in Lou, but could this jeopardise her position?

Meanwhile, Josh has made his feelings for Lou very clear on more than one occasion & things get very heated when Sam comes to stay & they bump into Josh & his friends. There is a misunderstanding over a discarded pregnancy test.....

Meanwhile an initially intolerant, ill tempered, elderly neighbour in the Gopnik's building could be the key to Lou's next project and her dream career.

I loved the continuity with the characters from the previous two novels and the introduction of the new ones, exploring how her new life worked alongside with her old one, her relationship with her employer & the twists within that dynamic. The initial cold manner with which Mrs De Suza treats Lou, & the thaw & warm friendship that develops when she realises how Lou can be of help to her & how they can eventually become of mutual benefit to one another.

The journey of the relationship with Lou & Sam becomes frustrating as communicating via electronic devices gets wearing & difficult to fit around their schedules with Sam becoming jealous of her life that he is not a part of, leading to a situation which has you wondering if they will survive the miles between them which kept me intrigued.

The book & indeed the trilogy are brought to a satisfying conclusion, but I feel that there is room for more 'Lou' books and indeed perhaps more films.

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