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Tessa Barrie



Tessa Barrie is the alter ego of Sally Edmondson from Jersey, Channel Islands, UK.


Listed Flash 500's Novel Opening,

Retreat West Best Opening Page,

Fictional Factory's short story,

Flash Fiction and Opening Chapter of a novel competitions.

In June 2021, she published 'Just Say It' which is available on Amazon. View book here.

Her second novel, 'The Secret Lives Of The Doyenne Of Disbrook' is coming soon.....

Just Say It - A Brief Overview
Women's Fiction

Meet Lisa Grant, turning 40 - broke and alone and living in rural Gloucestershire. To avoid a midlife crisis, she sddresses the problem that has been with her for the past 40 years: her rocky relationship with her narcissist mother, Elizabeth.
"Fantastic debut novel!"
"Engaging and heartwarming"
"Full of emotion from start to finish"

'After the ceremony, Rory organised group photographs at the water's edge. Lisa tossed her bouquet, and after a playful scuffle between Finty and Charles, it was caught by the heavenly Celia. Before heading to Tempurus Beach Bar for a sumptuous Portuguese sit-down celebratory, everybody turned to face the sea. With the temperatures soaring, some threw themselves into the surf while others paddled.'
Coming Soon...
Coming Soon... The follow up novel to 'Just Say It', by Tessa Barrie.

A Quirky Murder Mystery

The Secret Lives of the Doyenne of Didsbrook 
We would never judge a book by it's cover, so why would we assume we know someone well, just because they face the world with a smile? 

Some people harbour secrets best left buried in the past, but their inevitable resurfacing is only ever a heartbeat away. The secret keeper craves absolution and the need to confess, but they should be wary of to whom they choose to reveal the truth and remember why they decided to bury the truth in the first place.

Who killed, Jocelyn Robertshaw, The Doyenne of Didsbrook?

- Tessa Barrie -
'Life and Other Stories'
As well as being an author, Tessa Barrie likes to keep her followers and fans entertained and informed via her blog - Life and Other Stories. Links to some of her stories can be found below, including a further information regarding her upcoming release 'The Secret Lives of the Doyenne of Didsbrook'.
Other Reviews
"A very heartwarming and thought-provoking story about finding happiness: discovering who you are, letting go of toxicity, and choosing whom to keep in your circle. The explosive interactions between Lisa and her narcissistic mother painted a vivid picture of their toxic relationship and provided a stark contrast when compared to Lisa's relationship with Arthur and Will. I loved seeing how much Lisa grew throughout the book as she discovered more about herself: who she was and what she wanted and needed. An excellent read! Highly recommended!"
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