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Are you looking for an individual who can provide you with an honest, though provoking review of your upcoming or latest release... or perhaps a story or novel that you wrote many years ago?

If your answer is yes, then you have definitely come to the right place!

Take a look at the views and opinions of authors who have previously asked Lindsey to review their work. If you feel that Lindsey could be the book reviewer for you, then get in touch... she will be more than happy to help!

"If you're looking for someone to give an honest, well-written review of your book, Lindsey is the person you need. Her reviews are detailed, evidence that she reads each book thoroughly and carefully. She is consistently supportive of the authors she reviews via her Facebook page, where she has a rapidly growing number of followers and is enabling a thriving, supportive community. For me, Lindsey has also become a valued friend."

~ Sheena Billett, Writer ~

"For us Indie authors, marketing our books is a challenge. Trying to make our book babies stand out from the thousands of other titles on the market often makes us feel like we are banging our heads against a brick wall. We are constantly searching for readers, and we are incredibly grateful to those who take the time to not only read our books but review them as well.


And then along comes Lindsay! Her review of my debut novel, Just Say It, did wonders for my flagging self-belief and my social media presence. Suddenly I have a whole new set of followers! I am very grateful to her for that and for her to read my forthcoming novel, The Secret Lives of the Doyenne of Didsbrook."

~ Tessa Barrie, Author ~


"Lindsey is an amazing supporter of all authors, especially in the Indie community. Her reviews are detailed and well written. She understands exactly what people are looking for when reading reviews. As an author whom she has reviewed my novel Diamonds in The Dark, I appreciate the time and effort she puts into reading and bringing recognition to the books she reads and loves." 

~ Melissa Tilley Hall, Author ~


"I came to know Lindsey from a reading/book group on Facebook that we are members of.


I asked Lindsey is she would be interested in reviewing my historical romance novel “Nobody’s Bride,” and she was more than happy to do so. 


I liked Lindsey’s review style. The first half begins with a brief synopsis of what she enjoyed and/or found amusing in the story and with the characters. There were no spoilers. 


The second half of the review, for me as an author is the part I look forward to with any review. Lindsey is first and foremost a reader. If she does or doesn’t connect with the characters she will tell you so in her review of your novel, and it is refreshing to hear her thoughts on my writing style and what emotions were invoked while she read the story.  


In closing, I feel that Lindsey wrote an honest review of my novel “Nobody’s Bride,” and I will definitely hire her in the future."

~ Laura Langdon, Author ~


"Lindsey’s Literary Leanings provides such great service to known and unknown authors alike. I was touched by her honest and entertaining review of my novel, Gingerly. Lindsey offered great feedback as well as constructive criticism, and introduced my book to people who probably never would have heard of it. I will forever be grateful to her for posting a reel of her reading a page from my novel. Everything sounds better when read in an English accent! Lindsey is such a thoughtful person, and I’ve purchased books from writers I had never heard of because of her excellent reviews."

~ Rachel B. Hodges, Author ~


"Absolutely love Lindsey’s reviews! Trying to get your stories out there is difficult. Getting support in the community can also be hard. So many people only write good reviews with the expectation of getting one back, so you never know if it’s honest, or if they are just trying to get a good review back. Lindsey dedicates her page to supporting artists and spreading the word. She gives stories that she normally wouldn’t read a try and gives honest reviews to share with her followers. I love seeing the support and wouldn’t mind paying for a second one.

~ Michelle Bliss, Author ~


"Lindsey is so wonderful to work with! Her review of my novel was fair and insightful. She carefully read and was able to understand the various nuances of the characters and plot. Her review was timely and well written! I will definitely work with her again and would recommend her!"

~ Sarah Dawson Powell, Author ~


"Lindsey writes excellent reviews, thorough and very perceptive. Nothing important is blurred or omitted; she goes to the heart of a story, observing and understanding all the most important aspects, and without gushing, she is always positive in what she writes. It is clear that she not only writes with passion, but reads with passion."

~ John Guthrie, Author ~


"Lindsey did an in-depth review of my debut novel The End of Forever. She really got into all of the details of the book without giving away the plot twists. It was the most amazing reviews I’ve ever gotten! The way she laid out for me and other readers just how she felt while reading my book and growing to love the characters really brought the review to a deeper level. 


Would love to have her review more of my work!"

~ M.C. Stokes, Author ~


"Lindsey runs an engaging and supportive Facebook page within the popular online writing community.  Lindsey connects with writers from all over the world, exploring their work and subsequently providing honest and comprehensive reviews.   


With over 600 followers, Lindsey is a pillar of the poetry and fiction world and has developed a solid reputation for her very thorough book reviews and her community spirit. 


Lindsey has kindly reviewed one of books (The Treehouse) and although not her preferred genre she still took the time to write a very detailed review for me which I am very grateful for." 

~ Tessy Braun, Poet & Author ~

Untangled: A Family Web Novella

John Guthrie

The House We Grew Up In

Lisa Jewell

Itzel Cummings

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