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The Promise (Author: Lucy Diamond)

The Promise (Book Cover)

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

The Promise By Lucy Diamond

It has been 3 weeks since Patrick's body was found. Dan is under no illusion that his sister-in-law Zoe blames him for her husbands untimely death. If only they hadn't argued & Patrick had still stayed at Dan's that night. But Dan had been so angry with Patrick, fuelled with alcohol, the whole thing had got out of hand & the men had gone their separate ways.

He couldn't tell Zoe what the argument had been about. She wasn't strong enough to cope with it just yet. He had to think of ways to make amends somehow....step into his brother's shoes.

Whilst round at Zoes's house, he notices paper work piling up that relates to Patrick's Property Maintenance Company & offers to take over the running of the business whilst he is on sabatical from his own job. The secrets that he uncovers that then lead to a trail of other indiscretions left in the wake of Patrick's passing leave him reeling & in turmoil as to what he should do....& just how did his brother die?

Lucy Diamond is my favourite author. I've read 10 of her books so far. Her writing flows with an ease that make her novels a relaxing & enjoyable experience to read. The subject matter appealed to me as it navigates a families journey through grief which, I think most people can relate to, having experienced it at one time or another, & explores the change in relationships of the remaining family members, purely due to the loss of one person. The trail of destruction left in their wake, the far reaching consequences, & just when you think it's only the one misdemeanour, one error in judgement (albeit a big one), several more are revealed.

The twists & turns in Dan's life, his new found relationships with his nephew's & neice & his unwavering determination once he has made the decision to stand by Lydia & Jemima & right his brother's wrongs. Plus his empathy with his brother's tenants even the one input on Patrick's phone as 'pain in arse' .....the association which turns out to be the most heart warming. The Promise is a lovely book with many unexpected events to keep you interested & well thought through characters in a well constructed narrative.

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