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Tessy Braun

Poet & Author


Tessy is a writer of poetry and fiction from South West England. Having grown up on remote Dartmoor, Tessy has been inspired by the English countryside and has a passion for history and the natural world.


Tessy is a mother of two lively young boys and enjoys an active life style with them. While originally from West Devon, Tessy now lives in Bristol, in the United Kingdom and is now working on her first full length novel which is an examination of escape set by the sea.

Other Reviews
The Treehouse
Gripping, different & amazing twists!!
"I really loved the short story. I read it during a long trip on a vary crowded trainon a very hot day and it really transprted me to a different place - a good book is a great form of escapism and this one definitely helped me through that journey!

I adored the writer's use of imagery, immersive narrative and relatable characters. The plot builds a perfect pace, gradually ramping up the pace until the grand finale reveals itself in the final pages - you WILL NOT guess the twist!

The themes stayed with me long after the book ended and I foundmyself contemplating the possibility of hidden meanings - it has that fairytale, fable-like quality.

A very original story crafted beautifully by a very talentedwriter. I highl
y recommend spending an afternoon in The Tree House!"

~ AW84 ~
The Voice of Six Tudor Queens
Left me wanting more - in a good way!
"The Voice of Six Tudor Queens is a poetry book with a concept I appreciate. Six women who had little to no voice in their day are given a clear voice through Braun hundreds of years later in a pocket sized book that is concise and easy to read. Braun also includes two poems about a royal home and another location where the king visited with one of the wives while traveling. She herself visited these two places in person and shares her insights and feelings from her visits there. After reading the women's stories, this added take on the houses of that time added dimension. Braun notes the women's stories are historically accurate and with that I learned new details even after having studied English literature and history over the years. I was tempted to leave four stars purely out of selfish reasons because I would have loved to hear more from each wife and yet I understand that sometimes the writing is simply complete. It's a brilliant little piece of writing, a tease in some ways as it left me wanting to hear more, and I would gladly give this as a gift to a fellow poet or Anglophile."

~ Sharon A ~
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Tessy Braun - Writer


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