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A Pocketful of Happiness (Author: Richard E. Grant)

A Pocketful of Happiness (Book Cover)

Genre: Autobiography

A Pocketful of Happiness by Richard E Grant

I have always liked Richard E Grant, although not seen many of his films, I have always loved 'Jack & Sarah.

When I first learnt that his wife had passed away, I wanted to read this book but couldn't justify spending the money at the time. I stuck it on my Amazon Wish List & Roy bought it for my birthday.

The book comprises of diary entries, mainly during the 10 months between his wife, Jean's diagnosis (stage 4 lung cancer) & death. Most of this is in 2021 but there are also entries from the 1980's, 1990's & 2000's, charting key stages of his career & his relationships with both Jean & his daughter Olivia (who is effectionately known as Oilly). I must confess to skipping a couple of diary entries covering a star studded trip to the Oscars, the making of the last Star Wars film & a Marvel Super Hero's production but none of these were integral to the enjoyment of the book.

'A pocketful of happiness' let's us in on an extremely harrowing time for Richard & his family & I was moved to contact him on Twitter & thank him for writing the book & tell him how inspiring I found his relationship with Jean & how deeply he cared for her, & his bond with his daughter Olivia (Oilly) who he refers to as their 'supreme & perfect human'. RIP Joan Washing.

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