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The Last Letter from Your Lover (Author: Jojo Moyes)

The Last Letter from Your Lover (Book Cover)

Genre: Mystery/Romance

The Last Letter From Your Lover By Jojo Moyes

Ellie Haworth is tasked by her editor to unearth old clippings of past editions of the newspaper from years gone by to compare stories with today's editions.

In doing so, she uncovers love letters within a folder containing other papers.....letters written by an unknown author to the very apparent object of his affections.

Jennifer Stirling, after being involved in some kind of accident that she has no recollection of, is desperately trying to reintegrate back into her own life. One which she is trying to piece together & feel comfortable within. She acknowledges that Lawrence is her husband as everyone keeps reminding her together with the irrefutable evidence of photographs placed around the house. However, she is struggling with trying to re-ignite feelings she surely must have once had for this man.

Anthony is sent by the newspaper to cover a story in France, his interviewee?.... Lawrence. After an interesting evening attending a dinner party, hosted by Jennifer & Lawrence, & a misunderstanding with Jennifer, Anthony finds himself accompanying his reluctant hostess to lunch, with Lawrence away on business. There is attraction on both sides, & as Jennifer is missing the loving relationship she feels she should be enjoying with her husband, she is desperate for any kind of affection.

Meanwhile, Ellie has a deadline to discover the identity of the star crossed lovers from so long ago & return the letters to their rightful place, whilst putting her career in jeopardy & trying to figure out her own complicated love life. Sometimes that person you are looking for is closer than you think.

Well, if you're looking for a romance novel, look no further! This is one step away from Romeo & Juliet. The suspense is carried right through till the last chapter, & the narrative of alternative chapters leaping from the 1960's to the present day - well, 2003 - keeps you on your toes. The scenarios in which Jennifer & Anthony find themselves in keep you guessing & wi

lling everything to work out, & the disappointments, struggles & miscommunications keep you reading. The love & passion they have for each other is palpable & quite frankly enviable.

Equally the passion, determination & sensitivity that drives Ellie to find the story behind the letters is admirable & touching, but her stubbornness to continue with a relationship that promises nothing is frustrating, especially when life offers something much more deserving of her.

The final twist in the tale, the identity of the missing piece of the enduring puzzle, something I had seen coming shortly before its confirmation, had me cheering for our relentless reporter. Her restraint in ke

eping it to herself until the time was right to slot all the missing pieces in place, impressive. 'The real-life last letter, e-mail or other form of correspondence' (quoted from Jojo's acknowledgements) at the start of each chapter, was a nice touch & demonstrates the various mediums used in the passing of the years. I have attached some, together with letters from the novel.

This has made me want a career in writing even more. If you love a good old fashioned love story mixed with modern day then this is for you.

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