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The Paris Apartment (Author: Lucy Foley)

The Paris Apartment (Book Cover)

Genre: Contemporary Fiction/Mystery/Crime Thriller

The Paris Apartment By Lucy Foley

Ben reflected on his decision to invite his sister to stay, as he sat working his laptop & looking over the courtyard. The timing wasn't great but he had said that she could come & stay whenever she wanted.

Later that evening, Jess stood at the front door with her suitcase. Unable to contact Ben on her mobile she tries the large door knocker, twice. No answer. She can see someone looking out of a window from above. She notices a panel to one side of the door with the various floors & corresponding buzzers & presses the one for the third floor. Again, no response. She senses that she is being watched. She hears footsteps approaching from behind her & turns to see a middle aged man walking towards her. He punches a code into the pad by the door & opens it. Before he can let the door close behind him, Jess enquires as to whether he knows Ben Daniels. He replies in the negative & is gone. Having consigned the code she saw the stranger use to her memory, she punches in & enters the building.

Unbeknownst to Jess, she is about to embark on a dangerous & sinister journey to uncover her brother's much do the other residents know about his mysterious disappearance & what secrets are they hiding?

Thank you to my friend Kerry for recommending this author. Xx I will endeavour to read her other books in due course.

The book was easy to read with its short chapters & with each chapter named after a character & being told from their point of view it made for a very uncomplicated narrative giving the reader the space to work out what was happening between the characters. I thought it was a very clever story with four plot twists, only one of which I predicted.

Being set in Paris, some phrases were in French & then translated, I had to Google some words. So, I felt that I learnt some French terminology, which will probably never be used, however, I feel that bit more educated as languages were never my forte at school.

The only thing that I'm left to wonder...who fed the cat?

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