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The Truth About Gracie (Author: Sarah Dawson Powell)

The Truth About Gracie (Book Cover)

Genre: Contemporary Fiction/Romance/Mystery

The Truth About Gracie by Sarah Dawson Powell

Tanner & Gracie have been together for 3 years. They never really made it official, it just 'was'. He had been painfully aware that she had been deeply unhappy over the last couple of months, depressed even, but he didn't know how to get through to her, to uncover the real issue, the issue that was to become the obsession of his every waking thought.

The lies & the deceit...that wasn't Gracie...not the Gracie he knew. Had he really known her? More importantly now, who could he trust?

I knew I wanted to read one of Sarah's novels from the moment I started to follow her. I don't know why, just a feeling that I get about a person. When I looked at her books, I was initially drawn to this front cover, & I must admit that I did read the first few lines of the synopsis - something that I don't normally do - that was enough to determine that this was the read for me.

The narrative is fast paced, but not so much that it becomes challenging to keep track of. For me it added to the suspense & built my need to discover what had happened to the title character. The authors use of metaphors throughout the book to describe emotions & perceptions between the characters, very cleverly gave the main group of teenage protagonists more depth, particularly in the case of Tanner the lead male, making him feel much older than his 17 years. The authors ability to see into & translate the teenage psyche was both impressive & insightful. Not to mention fairly shocking. I never got up to those sort.of things at that age but then it was 30 years ago!

The outcome & 'The truth' as the title conveys was unfortunately something that I suspected quite early on & the same with the final twist. So, there were no surprises for me, although the author does attempt to lead the reader to one conclusion....others may not find the outcome as obvious as I did, & for them that will be the cherry on top of this well constructed, thought provoking, powerful story with strong, layered characters & very clever plot twists. Thank you Sarah! x

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