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Too Far To Fall (Author: Shane Sawyer)

Too Far To Fall (Book Cover)

Genre: Murder Mystery/Contemporary Fiction

Too Far To Fall By Shane Sawyer (An Edie Doyle Mystery)

Edie arrives in the sleepy town of Isaacs Landing to attend to the affairs of her late Great Aunt Jane. On entering the house, she is confronted by chaos. The place looks like it has been ransacked. Oddly though, there is no sign of a break in & nothing has been broken or damaged. After the police depart, she hears a noise coming from the other end of the house & is faced with a man when she goes to investigate. He says he has a key & has been keeping an eye on the place since it has been vacant.

Believing him to have been the perpetrator of the disarray that had met her on arrival, she is surly & abrupt with the stranger & she tells him to leave.

The next morning, her neighbour Mrs Greenbaum, invites Edie to afternoon tea by way of her neice Beth. Edie is reluctant to accept the invitation as she really isn't interested in getting to know anyone since she isn't intending to stay long. But as Beth seems adamant to not take no for an answer, she reluctantly accepts. During their 'meet' Edie discovers more from the old lady about Jane than she was expecting. However, having been estranged from her relative & not having attached any sentiment to her loss, Edie finds it hard to relate to what she learns. Is all that about change with the discovery of long forgotten diaries? entrusted into the safe keeping of Margaret & Beth. Edie soon finds herself caught in a Web of lies, deceit, resentfullness & fractured relationships.

A complimentary copy of this novel was sent to me directly from the author via Voracious Readers Only. Not normally one for murder mysteries, I was sceptical about this book, but drawn to the cover, as ever (a burning building). I didn't take to the central character Edie at first, as I felt she was ignorant & rude with the people she came into contact with, but as the book progressed, I began to understand why she was like that & warm to her, particularly given what she had to contend with.

The variety of the different characters & their separate, yet connected parts within the plots are very well thought out & connected. The narrative flows & applies logic within its thought patterns. I also very much liked that, as the reader, you feel that you are uncovering the 'whodunnits' with Edie. It is also very clever how the author offers solutions to the various crimes in the story without them having the finality of the conclusion that you would expect maybe leaving the story open for another novel. I was gripped from the first chapter wanting to know the connections of all incidents throughout & the part each individual played. I will be continuing to support the work of this author.

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