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Until I Met You (Author: Amber Rose Gill)

Until I Met You (Book Cover)

Genre: Romantic

Until I Met You By Amber Rose Gill

Nine friends travel from their respective countries to attend the wedding of their mutual friend on the island of Trinidad & Tobago.

Samantha is anxious at the thought of having to go it alone, as up until a few days ago, she had been set to attend the event of the year with her long term partner Tim. She also knew that she would be the only singleton within her friendship group. When she arrives & whilst exploring, she stumbles upon a shop manned by a kind elderly gentleman, & a younger rather abrupt rude American.

Later at a dinner attended by the wedding party, the rude American that she briefly met earlier enters the room & it becomes clear that she will be seeing him a lot as he is part of the grooms party!

As Samantha & Roman spend more time together their attraction for one another grows. However, Sam is reluctant to convey the extent of her true feelings or let herself become too vulnerable as she knows she is flying home on Sunday.

This isn't the sort of book that I would normally read. I accidentally included it on my Amazon wishlist, sent that wishlist to a relative, who subsequently along with other books bought it for my birthday. Looking at the front cover (& yes, I know that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, lol), I dismissed it as a trashy 'lie on the beach' holiday novel.

When I'd read a few chapters, it occurred to me that I hadn't noted the author's name. I turned to the front cover & realised that the name sounded familiar. I not being someone who has even entertained watching Love Island, I was quite taken aback but not that surprised that she had been a contestant (Winner in 2019 for anyone still at a loss).

This story is a lighthearted tale about love & friendship I guess but all in all I have to come to the disappointing conclusion that my initial impression was correct. There were however several points within the book where I hoped that it would not be as predictable as I first suspected & that Amber Rose would end up being a new favourite author. Sadly that wasn't to be. It puts me in mind of a programme I used to watch many moons ago called Sunset Beach (don't judge me, I was young-er), where chipping nail varnish or having a ringlet out of place were the priority, rather than real first world issues. If you're a fan of Love Island or indeed Amber, this book might be for you. My copy will be going to charity.

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