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When I Save Us (Author: Ellie Sabine)

When I Save Use (Book Cover)

Genre: Romantic/Fantasy/Humour Voracious Readers Only e-book

When I Save Us by Ellie Sabine

Betsy had been feeling that her marriage to David had been dwindling for sometime. She had mentally laid out her 3 options:

Option 1 - stay & accept things for what they are....unlikely.... Option 2. - Move. Give up & slink away with my tail between my legs....possibility.... Option 3 - Stay & fight....undecided....

Whilst driving home, & listening to the radio she is distracted by an 'expert' giving a woman advice on how to pep up her relationship, & refers the caller to her 30 day plan. Betty laughs & dismisses it as the expert always does the same thing. But after a chance meeting with a homeless woman & some wise words, she decides to take action, plumps for Option 3 & sets about creating her own 30 day plan. However, she is unfortunately unable to forsee the devastating news that her & David are to receive part way through her 'plan' & how the homeless lady, AKA Lady Love will change Betsy's & other's lives forever.

This was a complimentary copy of the book sent to me directly by the author via Voracious Readers Only. So, I chose this book having read some of the synopsis, something that I don't usually do as I don't like anything to influence my own review. However, it caught my attention by mentioning a subject, that none of my reviewed books have covered so far, & I thought it would be interesting.

For the majority of this novel, I really enjoyed the narrative, the characters & the positivity running through the story. When it arrived at the subject I had been expecting I was interested to see where it would lead. However - & that's not a negative use of the word - it veered off somewhere I really wasn't expecting, to a more fantasy driven narrative (which really isn't normally my thing. I'm more a real life scenario kinda gal) & if you find it hard to acclimatise your brain to that sort of sudden change (as I do), it gets a bit confusing, as it brought past characters who you believed at the time to be playing a 'bit part' & therefore forgettable to actually be very relevant, challenging the reader to recall the part they played in a previous chapter.

Once I got my head around the reason for this sudden change of direction I started to enjoy it again. I was expecting the narrative of this story to be much darker, a bit of a weepy. What I got was hope & positivity. It was just a bit of a journey to get there. What I will say is that the author is clearly blessed with an extremely furtile imagination & I commend her for coming up with such an intricately thought through, fanciful & ingenious plot!

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