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Diaries of My Heart: Year 1 (Author: Allison Berry)

Book Cover - Diaries of My Heart: Year 1

Relatable, Page-Turner, Absorbing

Genre: Contemporary Fiction/Coming Of Age/Romance

Contains a trigger warning.

The Diary Of My Heart. Year 1 by Author Allison Berry 

Kaylee's career ambitions had remained steadfast since meeting Kale five years ago, and she dearly wished that she could see him again. After a turbulent start in life, she now finds herself in a tumultuous relationship with a man who has very clearly, left her in no doubt that he is not supportive of the future that she sees for herself. Subsequently, another man appears in Kaylee's life where and when she least expects it, and he just happens to work within her chosen field. He supports and encourages her to continue aspiring to her goal. However, Kaylee knows that the time to make what could be the biggest decision of her life, is closing in. Which will she choose?

The title and synopsis of this book intrigued me, as I am very much a character based reader, and love a good human interest story. I'm not usually someone to read a series of books, but am gradually changing my mind about that since discovering some great Indie Authors who write this way, Allison Berry definitely being one.  

As I continued to read this familiar narrative, I realised that I was in fact, reading about myself at that age, in a similar situation to Kaylee and realised that, that was probably what I recognised within the synopsis. I don't always read the synopsis before starting a new book, but sometimes, I like to if the Author is new to me. It must be said though, that none of my boyfriend's back then, were ever like Cain. I also never had a friend and mentor like 'Stevens', although it might have been helpful if I had. I would have loved a friend like Tatum, and enjoyed the bond between the two girls.

The theme running throughout the story is gritty and real and this is what keeps you reading and allowing the characters and scenes to come alive in your imagination. I felt for a while that I didn't know enough about Kaylee's past in order to understand why she is who she is, but the reader is drip fed snippets of info, and then given more detail towards the end. It gradually becomes clear why Kaylee puts up a defensive front initially with others, as a self protection mechanism. I would have liked more information on Kaylee's friendship with Kale but I'm assuming that may be revealed in a further book. I was a little disappointed that Kaylee's association with Paulson didn't go further, as I must admit that the naughty Eighteen year old in me, was willing them to get closer. Maybe the Author has that tucked away for 'another year'.

Given that it was a relatable scenario, it was interesting to see how Kaylee handled herself, and how the men in her life responded. I am still curious about the man from her past, and I look forward to reading more from Allison Berry. Kaylee's story certainly hasn't ended for me and I genuinely await with anticipation, being able to continue her journey alongside her.

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