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Untangled: A Family Web Novella (Author: Itzel Cummings)

Book Cover - Untangled

Engaging, Gripping, Absorbing

Genre: Contemporary Fiction/General Fiction

Untangled: A Family Web Novella (A Family Web Series) by Itzel Cummings, Author   

Following the sudden blatant disregard for the bond of deep friendship that had developed since a very young age at the hands of the most important female in her life, someone who had been her best friend, her sister and her soul mate, someone she loved, Selby was feeling hurt and betrayed and could simply not fathom her life without Clara. She could not come to terms with how Clara had sacrificed their relationship on instruction of someone who had only been in her life for a short time. She then finds out that, that person is prepared to go further than she imagined, in order to ensure Shelby's disassociation with her 'family'. But how far will she go & who else will be caught in the cross fire?

I read the prequel to this book back in July of last year and enjoyed it so much that I knew I had to read the sequel. The first book 'A Family Webb' tells the story of a female matriarch of a family, who will go to any lengths to defend and protect her three children. The narrative is told from the perspective of Clara, the son's fiance.

Likewise, 'Untangled' is also told in a single person perspective, mainly Shelby, but also other character's have their own chapters. I like books told in single person narrative for it's immediacy, clarity & connection with the Protaganist. They are telling you their story. Shelby was somewhat of a 'side' characters in the first book, so it was good to read her story & see her & Clara's parting from her viewpoint, whilst all the drama with Clara and her family were 'unfolding' elsewhere, and learn more about her as a person. She is described as being an attractive girly girl, but in the dialogue, certainly in the first few chapters she comes over as very tough and defensive. However, after being stabbed in the back by her bestie, this is hardly surprising.

I was a little disappointed that this second book was a novella, but I was actually able to read it in a day though, which made a nice change. It would be interesting to read about the perspectives of the other characters, particularly Theo I think. But I would also like to read a continuation of the story of Debbie and her family following the death of one of the Peterson family in the first book. I love family dramas in literature & how they effect those both in and outside of the fold. I feel that this could be a good little series if the Author wishes to continue with it and for however long she feels it has mileage.

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