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The Girl You Left Behind (Author: Jojo Moyes)

The Girl You Left Behind (Book Cover)

Genre: Hostorical/Contemporary Fiction

The Girl You Left Behind By Jojo Moynes Two women, one painting It's October 1916. Sophie Lefevre lives in war torn France in the village of St Peronne, currently occupied by the Germans. She runs a hotel with her sister. They are forced to provide an evening meal for the German troupes every evening when food for themselves is scarce. Sophie is torn between her hatred of the Germans & her growing friendship with the Kommandmant who frequently admires a portrait of Sophie painted by her husband who is fighting at the front. She hopes that her friendship with the Kommandant can lead to a reunion with her beloved Edouard some day.

London, 2007 and Liv Halston, a copywriter, lives in a concrete & glass terraced house, designed & built by her late husband David. On her bedroom wall hangs the portrait of Sophie, gifted to her by David on their honeymoon.

When the painting is discovered by a recovery company, Liv must fight to protect what she feels is rightfully hers.

Sophie must fight for her freedom, her marriage & her life.

This book totally blew me away with its level of detail, continuation of jouneys involving past & present characters, the entertwining of the lives of the two leading ladies & the unexpected re-introduction of a character after some 90 years had passed. I felt like I was grieving for people I didn't know. 544 pages read in 4 days, I could not put it down. Quite literally the best book that I have ever read!

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