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Postscript - The Sequel to PS, I Love You (Author: Cecelia Ahern)

Postscript (Book Cover)

Genre: Contemporary Fiction/Romance/Humour/Health

'Postscript' ' The sequel to PS, I Love You By Cecelia Ahern

It's been 6 years since Gerry passed away. Holly's life has changed somewhat. She has remained in the house that she shared with Gerry, but she has a new job, working in her sister Ciara's second hand shop -the magazine company went bust - &, a new relationship.

To all intents & purposes, she has attained that elusive goal that all those left behind after a bereavement seek..... moving on.

Ciara asks Holly if she would mind being interviewed for her podcast. The subject....death. The rest of the family warn her against the idea, as does Gabriel, fearing that it will take Holly back to the dark & difficult days after she lost her husband. However, thinking of how it could be beneficial to her & others, Holly decides to do it. Both women agree after the interview, staged in front of an audience of friends, family, customers & regular donators to the shop, that the interview went well. However, one avid donator to 'Magpie' takes more than a passing interest in the part of Holly's story that includes the notes that Gerry planned for Holly to receive after he had gone, & asks her if she would be willing to participate in a project.

Deciding that it would be healthier not to take this delve into her past any further, Holly declines. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for Holly though, the woman persists & isn't prepared to let the matter drop, & even when she is no longer able to fight her cause, someone else calls on Holly at the shop to make the plea on her's & other's behalfs. Will this 'project' re-open or heal old wounds & finally put the past to rest for the last time, & will Holly uncover the legacy that Gerry has unwittingly left behind?

I adored PS, I Love You, but this sequel is on another level. It felt like 'coming home' having read the first book a few months ago, (although not for the first time!) & probably because I still felt so familiar with all the characters. I love the way that Holly is forced to reluctantly re-visit a time of her life that she thought she was done with, & yet many positives come from it. New friends who need her & the lives of whom she gets to play a last important part in at such a traumatic time. Also being able to bring something into the life of one of her best friends that she really wants but at the same time bringing peace to another.

I love that Gerry's legacy will carry Holly on in a way that nobody could have forseen but she is also able to amalgamate it with her new life.

I took a bit longer to read this novel than usual, but I think that subconsciously that was partly because I did not want it to end. Cecelia Ahern's writing has a warmth & an ease to it, it is like welcoming an old friend back into my life whenever I read one of her books. I would definitely recommend that those who have read & enjoyed 'PS, I Love You, read 'Post Script'. I would love more books with these characters.

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